Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Lizzie is in no change mode, so well looked after by a lovely group of nurses, most of course from Scotland and one pretty girl from Bucks.. they went to see a photo in the ship's gallery from the first evening to see how Lizzie liked her hair, and now she is dressed in best silk dressing gown from Biss vill, and the make up and perfume is there for them to sort her out, the docs, Johan and Courbus, have of course succumbed to her charm, having got to know her because of the prob with the eye, again..

I have just visited her, and there is no change, very peaceful and surrounded by love from all over the world. I am dreading seeing the mighty Mungy, who will take one look at me and demand Livvy!!

we are steaming towards the Cape Verde Islands, it is steamy 84 degrees, but cloudy, and then on to Tenerbloodyrife where Lizzie will be landed if she is still with us.. cheaper for the insurance.. we will see, we do the second play tomorrow and Thursday.. so I am keeping busy..t hough luckily I only have a small part.. no joke intended, having been on stage all the last play, and with the lovely girl for her swansong. on saturday.

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