Monday, 21 April 2008

I can now confirm, that Lizzie's final appearance will be at Chearsley Church on Friday May the 9th at 11:30 a.m. followed by interment in the churchyard. She is coming back to Bucks today to lie in the chapel of rest in the care of the Aylesbury Funeral Director KY Green..........


John Moss said...

John (Boss Moss) says:

Dearest Liz,

Five times I was able to present you to South African audiences in Durban. I only wish there could have been more. Jill has already mentioned your "Alice", "Gigi",
"Peter Pan" and "Aladdin" but we mustn't forget your Jessica in the "Merchant of Venice" where your old man played Bassanio - the only time I was able to bring the two of you together.
Thinking of you as Peter Pan I cannot help wondering how you are flying up there now. You certainly won't be needing " a mass of tangled wires".

Always in the thought of the Mosses

Jane Parsons said...

Dearest Erica, and LizzieUpThere,
All the Parsimoniouses are thinking of you both. It's such a mixture of tears and smiles, and oh so many laughs we had. The photos are lovely, the memories are too. Big hugs to you, Erica. I'm so glad she will be in Chearsley Church, surely one of the most beautiful places on earth. And Stanley and her can share mascara.

Harriet Snookes said...

Dear Eric,
Sorry to have to contact you under such circumstances but I will leave this one up to you. If you would like to do a follow up for this week's Bucks Herald, a contribution solely from you, then please let me know.
Lizzie sounded like a wonderful and talented lady and I'm sure there is plenty you would like to say about her.
My email is:
and direct line is: 01296 619773

Sandie Johnson said...

Dear Eric,
I was so saddened to receive the news of beautiful Lizzie.My sister Frankie and Lizzie were best buddies since childhood when they both performed brilliantly in the Local Festival's(Gosport),both of them used to 'fight' for first place!We,Frankie & I last saw Lizzie in Guy's Hospital,looking as pretty as a picture even though she'd had major surgery.Frankie is devastated as she loved Lizzie very much,and missed her terribly but always kept on touch.My Daughter Debbie is planning to attend her funeral on behalf of our Family to show our love and respect to a lovely Lady and your dear Wife.Frankie and I both live in Spain,but Debbie lives in London so it's much easier for her to attend. God Bless Eric,please say Goodbye to Lizzie from Frankie
and our condolences to Lil.
Much love, Sandie,(Frankie's sister)