Saturday, 19 April 2008

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Chris Matthews and I walked to our beautiful church in the village, and I realised there was only one place for Lizzie to be at rest. So am aiming for church and burial.Autopsy confirmed cause of death to be a massive brain haemorrhage,as the lovely Doctor Johan Bernard had assessed. love to all ,keep on blogging, and my thanks for all the fantastic messages from everyone xxx


Anonymous said...

Dear Eric, I think that's a wonderful choice. It's such a beautiful & tranquil place as I remember, & nearby for when one feels like a visit.xx Jono

Anonymous said...

Darling Eric

Yes That is I'm quite sure the right choice. Lizzie should be in Chearsley, close to those that loved her and somewhere for those of us from afar to carry on visiting her and you. Love as always Chrissie ( Pissy )

Lesley Watkinson said...

Dear Eric,
As a tentative technophobe I only just found your Carte Blanc. I have my fingers crossed this message gets to you. All 6 Watkinsons send love and I too am sure Chearsley Church is the perfect place for 'the girl'.
Hugs'n'kisses, as ever, Lesley

Miranda de Barra said...

Dear Eric,
The de Barra family in Ireland are hoping to fly over for whatever proceedings there may be that allow for extended friends. I'm also delighted that you've chosen Chearsley... it just makes sense, doesn't it ?
Love Little Miss Moss

From Chris and Helen said...

Chris and

Darling Eric, Lizzie's immaculate timing comes to the fore again - her final exit is on the same day as the first entrance of Charlie Matthews by Caesar on the 9th May 2008!The Church is a wonderful choice and the beautiful, peaceful surroundings are the perfect setting for the lovely girl.
We can see many a visit to it in the future to have a gossip and a giggle. loves yer, C and H xx