Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday 10th April

Hello darlings, I am sorry to say our darling girl left us this morning at 6, though she really went backstage on Saturday in naughty underwear, gold shoes and on top of the world. I think she 
fought so long to make sure she could sail home in style rather than be offloaded in the Canaries, and all that that would entail. I will be in touch later,
love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Dearest Lizzie
I know that you and Eric were Dads closest friends.Sadly my boys never met you but I am sure they will get to know you very well over the next few years when dad tells them all about the laughter and joy you and Eric have brought to his life.
Sleep Well
Luke Becky George Harry and Charlie Matthews

I'm thinking of you Eric x

Leif,Mungy,Petra said...

Goodnight sweet Lizzie

mummy says u're gonna have a long sleep.. nite nite livvie, blowing a kiss to you... mmmoixxx. i know u're up there cos mummy and i waved at you and you waved back at us!

u're still around, my Lizzie, with the spark in your eyes and the pink shoes on... lots of love to you and Erica

Kevin n Dom said...

It was a real joy to know you Lizzie. Your impish smile lit up the room and will stay in our minds forever. You are so special and are still with us.

Keep dancing until we all get to meet again.

Kevin n Dom XX

Mark, Maureen, Rory and Heather said...

Only the other day I found a picture of Lizzie at the Village photo shoot on the green. It still makes me smile to remember what she said to me when I said how charming she looked. I can't print it here but, if you knew Lizzie, you can imagine. She was such a sweet funny lady and we'll all miss her greatly.
Love from the Gillis tribe

Anonymous said...

Eric, so pleased Lizzie 'went out treading the boards' just as she would have wanted to. A lovely lady who will be greatly missed. I know I speak for all at the surgery. Thinking of you at this tme.

Love, Val T x

Anonymous said...

Oh Eric, what can we say through the tears? We were so lucky to have known Lizzie -she was a true friend and such a funny classy lady. We all send our dearest love to you from Devon, and are thinking of both of you.
John Jane Katie and Emma

Milo said...

My dear Eric, love and strength to you. It means even more to me now, that you were both able to take part in old Jack's farewell do, just a few weeks ago. That whole day, and your part in it, are precious memories.

And yes, a good way to go. But too soon girl, too soon. Chearsley will miss you.

Thinking of you. Paul

Anonymous said...


you will be a hugh miss to mine and mums life, i was so lucky to know you and you were a true inspiration to me, always! I promise i will never give up dancing or having fun, beacause they are the two most important things you taught me. You are very very very special and i will always continue to tell people about how amazing you were!

Eric, i am so sorry. i am sending you all the love and hugs in the world. thinking of you lots, Take care.
lots of love always

Lotte xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

darling friends I suppose this will be a dry old blog, but the time is coming up when Lizzie and I were rehearsing and about to set off for her last great adventure.
There was a very good piece in the review of the Guardian the other Saturday when the artist Walter Sickert was asked if he grieved because he missed his wife, he replied I grieve because she no longer exists, and I think that is how we feel about that most vital, funny kind, and naughty girl. I believe that if you think of some-one who has gone, they are there, and so we go on. If any-one thinks of Lizzie and comes to this blog, go and see her in the churchyard..please let me know when you do, she has a Man Ray Smile tray, and lovely flowers I would love to know who put them there, Thank you, love to you all eric