Monday, 7 April 2008


Darlings, the situation is that Lizzie is in a deep coma, and will be slowly shutting down, if she goes before Tenerife then we will sail home to Southampton on the 16th, otherwise we will be in hospital in Tenerife while she is assessed, which would be basically pointless And awful. She is very peaceful, sedated, and having the best care, as she had already charmed the 2 SA docs, as her bloody eye got another scratch on the Tuesday, they had it mended by the Saturday, so having missed one show she immediately donned the sexy underwear, shoved in the chicken fillets, and went on for the matinee.. In our first scene I could see she was misfiring, but put it down to nerves, but she collapsed in the wings, was sick, and soon was out of it.. if there is a perfect exit, that was about it.. despite my misgivings she was determined to do the cruise, and loved the feeling of being a working actress again.. everyone here is being as you would expect. The phone thing is not as good as Email as I am working and in the med centre, and occasionally the odd bar, Email is best.. please pass this on to all and sundry


Prospect said...

You are both in our thoughts. All our love, Leif, Petra and Mungy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

i don't know from blog, but hope I can update all, we are one more day at sea, then arrive at southampton where I will deal with the coroner, and Lizzie will be taken off for an autopsy, she will then come home to the local funeral directors, surreally named KY Green..never a nice shade, and then we can set the funeral rites in progress..probably at Oxford crem followed by a wake and later on a celebration..thanks for all the amazing messages of love from all over the world..she was blessed with love