Monday, 23 March 2009

March 2009

Darling friends
I suppose this will be a dry old blog, but the time is coming up when Lizzie and I were rehearsing and about to set off for her last great adventure.
There was a very good piece in the review of the Guardian the other Saturday when the artist Walter Sickert was asked if he grieved because he missed his wife, he replied I grieve because she no longer exists, and I think that is how we feel about that most vital, funny kind, and naughty girl.
I believe that if you think of some-one who has gone, they are there, and so we go on. If any-one thinks of Lizzie and comes to this blog, go and see her in the churchyard..please let me know when you do, she has a Man Ray Smile tray, and lovely flowers I would love to know who put them there,
Thank you, love to you all

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